We are looking for new typical TES people

Do you combine entrepreneurship, innovation and technology?

We are looking for fresh, quintessentially TES people. Someone who takes a new, daring perspective. Creating opportunities and seeing possibilities where others don’t. Someone who combines a technical background with an entrepreneurial mindset. Creating structure out of chaos and designing innovative ideas out of strong vision. If this applies to you, we would love to offer you the opportunity to join us as an entrepreneur in residence and turn ideas and technology into successful ventures.

About TES

TES is a venture development studio. We pool the skills and vision of a network of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, academics and investors. Together we start, build and invest in digital ventures around people and technology. We believe that ventures are the best way to nurture and develop innovative ideas. Through close collaboration and co-founding ventures we make innovation happen.

Every technological innovation is a two edged sword. At TES we feel a moral obligation to actively guide the positive change enabled by technology.

Hans van Toor - founder

We work in three domains. Industry 4.0, The Future Of Work, and Base Of The Pyramid. We develop deep understanding and thought-leadership in these domains in order to solve big problems and deliver positive impact through entrepreneurship.

About you

You have technical understanding and an affinity with (digital) technologies. Ideally, you have proven entrepreneurial experience, but you are business savvy at least. You are familiar with and comfortable navigating design thinking and lean startups.

As an entrepreneur,
- You know how to build a business case
- You know how to design a venture and organise a team
- It would be great if you have experience with acquiring venture capital

As an innovator,
- You have innovative ideas or coax them out of inspired conversations with others
- You know what it takes to ensure desirability, feasibility and viability
- You have experience developing and working with lean startups, design sprints or agile development

As an technologist,
- You have an affinity with digital technologies, such as blockchain and the Internet of Things
- You speak (and if necessary, translate to others) the language of engineers and nerds

Working as an Entrepreneur in Residence

Working as an entrepreneur in residence at TES is very divers, challenging and fun. Your main role will be to design and develop ventures to solve problems and deliver positive impact through entrepreneurship. That includes things like:

- Researching a specific domain to figure out a problem space
- Building business cases to help the team understand the core value of a venture
- Pitching to persuade partners and investors to join or invest
- Organising teams to create the ideal environment for the venture to flourish

This is what a typical week of you could look like.

TES has a small core team of only four people, but with a high work pace. We work on the organisation and TES brand almost as much as we work on our ventures. We want to grow and have high ambitions. Creating positive change is our mission, but having fun is even more important.

Get in touch if you know you are typical TES and join our team!