Yes, the world is changing. Let’s figure out a response.


We feel a moral obligation to guide the positive change enabled by technology.

We currently explore 3 domains


The recent convergence of technical and social innovations has led to a paradigm shift in manufacturing and across the supply-chain. Some have called this shift a Third Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Whatever its name, this shift enables us to ideate, finance, create, use and recycle our products and services in a radical new way. Every day, TES is exploring the opportunities this brings for system innovations; to democratise knowledge, skills and resources.

Future Of

Organisational structures are decentralising, traditional employee-employer relationships are loosening and children born today will work in fields we cannot even imagine yet. Are these reasons for concern, or is there opportunity to be found in how we approach these changes? We are exploring the ways in which we can encourage life-long learning for all, and create the infrastructure for them to realise their own human potential within this changing context.

Base of
the Pyramid

We see key achievements that enable new approaches to problems at the base of the pyramid. We are exploring how ventures serve as accelerators, harnessing and bolstering the potential of new technologies to improve lives where its needed most. Our aim is to embed these technologies in smart business models, mobilising global innovation capacity and creating deep collaboration ownership in local communities.