More than the idea, people are the main reason for succes.


We leverage the strength of our expert network to build successful coalitions.

TES core

Our core team starts and builds ventures. Its members work as Entrepreneurs in Residence, combining experience in business design, product development, deep technological knowledge and digital innovation methods.

We are hiring! We are looking for new typical TES people to join our team. Do you combine entrepreneurship, innovation and technology?

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Become part of TES as one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence and build ventures with us.

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  • Hans van Toor

    Hans is an entrepreneur and business developer with over a decade of experience in, and extensive knowledge of the social and technological impact of Industry 4.0.

  • Joep Serrarens

    Joep is a design thinker. He has a rich and varied experience in creating concepts that are meaningful to end-users, meet business goals and are feasible to develop.

  • Kees Meershoek

    Kees has a background in serious gaming. As founder of several successful companies, he learned to fail ideas fast to identify that one golden business opportunity.

  • Wouter Middendorf

    Wouter is a creative engineer with a background in User Experience and Service design. He has extensive experience with Design Sprints and agile or lean innovation.

  • Sil Boedi Scholte

    Sil has a background in sociology and behavioural economics. He has been part of the national think thank and good in creating future visions that inspire. Data analytics is one of is hidden skills.

  • Justin Mulder

    Justin is finishing his master degree in System and Control at the TU Delft. He is currently graduating on a mechanical perspective on valuation of companies. Justin helps TES with various projects.


TES Network

We actively leverage and embed our network of experts in ventures, from joining a brainstorm to fully taking part of teams. Each endeavour requires different skills and perspectives. We create the best expert coalition possible to face any challenge on our path - be it big, wicked, or a crazy moonshot.

Interested in building ventures? Looking to do research in one of our domains? Or just in search of cool projects?

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  • Merijn Hillen

    Merijn is a design and innovation strategist. She adds to the innovation culture of brands and ventures.

  • Nynke Tromp

    Nynke is Assistant Professor Social Design & Behavioural Change at the Delft University of Technology.

  • Esther Jong

    Esther is one of Netherlands’ best visual designers. She has wide-ranging experience designing digital products.

  • Gerben van den Berg

    Gerben is senior advisor on new business strategies and intrapreneurship with hands-on experiences, including in regulated markets.

  • Bram Rongen

    Bram is an expert and consultant on 3D printing. He has guided numerous 3D hubs as board member, and excels at building teams.

  • Rutger Middendorf

    Rutger is a lawyer and specialist in corporate law. He has a lot of experience with early stage ventures and setting up structure and organisation of companies.

  • Kryha

    Kryha is our partner company, a bastion of expertise on Blockchain and other distributed technology.

  • De Wortel van Drie

    DWVD are a collective of digital product developers and experts in creating apps and web applications.

  • Anna van den Bijgaart

    No-fuss communications, that is her motto. Anna is an expert on content, copy writing, and online marketing.

  • Tim van Deursen

    Tim is developer and owner of Hack The Planet. Hack The Planet takes on global challenges using pragmatic tech.

  • Floris Bremmers

    Floris is R&D engineer at NLR, the Dutch center for aerospace innovation. He is a great innovator and problem solver.

  • Maarten van Dijk

    Maarten is founder of Additive Center and additive manufacturing expert. He is a real entrepreneur and great product developer.

  • Sylvia Lorente

    Sylvia has lots of experience in managing and developing mobile startups. She know how to implement an iterative culture and processes that are business growth driven.

  • Willem Lysen

    Willem is experienced in leadership and team management. He uses his product innovation roots in daily problem solving.

  • Robert Schellekens

    As an architectural engineer Robert has a lot of experience with sustainable energy systems and environments.

  • Rachelle Handgraaf

    Rachelle has lots of experience with building learning environments to create social impact.

  • Sven Lentz

    Sven is a product experience designer and truly skilled user researcher.

  • Lotte Meijer

    Lotte has a lot of experience in helping teams innovate as a design strategist, researcher, and project lead.


TES venture

Great ventures need strong coalitions. We create coalitions with people from our network, on an ad hoc basis as well as permanently. We are always on the lookout for talent and experts who are ready for a challenge in one of our ventures.

  • Entrepreneur in Residence - TES

    We are looking for new typical TES people. Do you combine entrepreneurship, innovation and technology? Join our core team.

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  • Product Manager - iAMdigital

    We are looking for a senior product manager with a vision and feeling for platform strategy who can take the i-AMdigital startup to the next level.

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  • Account Manager - iAMdgitial

    We are looking for an account manager who is great at build relationships with future and current customers of i-AMdigital.

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  • CEO - Aurelia Aurita

    We are looking for a CEO who wants to make a dent in the universe and gets this venture of the ground

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  • CTO - Aurelia Aurita

    We are looking for a CTO who wants to make a dent in the universe and can rapidly iterate towards a functional prototype

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